Douce France

Traction 11CV 1951, 11 juillet 2010… Pendant que tout le monde regardait la finale de la coupe du monde de football !
1951 11CV Traction, 11th of july 2010… When everyone else was watching the football world cup final on TV !

5 Responses to “Douce France”

  • Déli Choc' Says:

    Wahou sublime !

  • matmat Says:

    Ouaaaaaaaaaou super tour de traction pendant la final de la coupe du monde avec séance photo genial !!! merci Etienne!!!!

  • Pete Says:

    Vau Etienne! Great pics again 😉 Love those.

  • 2cvfreak Says:

    nice picture again Etinne!

    and a little question: how do you get always your name at exactly the same place at all of tour picture’s ?
    do you use a program for that?

    Larson / 2cvfreak

  • Etienne Says:

    I’m using the Lightroom plug-in Mogrify. It’s really good and you can add some watermark on the picture where you want. So then it’s all automatic, border and watermark are automatically added when I export my pics for my website. I just created one watermark in white and one in black, with Photoshop…

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